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How to Create a Team for Participants

There are two ways for teams to be created:

Participants can Create a Team Themselves

In order for participants to create a team themselves, you will need to enable "Visible Teams Page" on the "Team Settings" page. This will ensure that the "Find a Team" and "Create a Team" pages are visible to registered participants. For more details on participant-directed team formation, check out "How can Participants find a Team?".


Create Teams for Participants as an Admin

  1. Go to "Team Management" under "Participant Management"
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to "Create New Team"
  3. Enter the team name (mandatory) and upload a team image (optional)
  4. Click the "Create Team" button at the bottom
  5. Afterward, you are able to add members to this team. See "How to Add or Delete Team Members" for steps on how to do this