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Setting up Event Details

The following components can be found and changed on the "Event Details" page under "Challenge Design"

Event Name 

  • The official name of your event 
  • Visible on both the dashboard and on the event home page


  • Your event’s unique URL identifier for your page and will appear at the end of the URL

Subtitle and Description

  • Optional and visible on the dashboard

Event Card Description

  • Optional and brief description of your challenge. This will appear in your event card on challenges.hackworks.com if your challenge is set to public. 


  • Location of the event (either an actual place or virtual location) 

Event Tags

  • Tags that help make your challenge more discoverable 

Event Visibility

  • Private: only those that have your event's unique URL will be able to access the challenge page and register
  • Public: anyone can find this event on the public dashboard (challenges.hackworks.com) and will not need to be signed in on the platform (only available for upgraded challenges)


  • Optional, if provided, required by participants to join the event

Contact Email

  • The go-to email address in case visitors have questions about the event 
  • Visible on the event home page

Start and End Date 

  • The start and end date of your challenge
  • You have the option to show or not show the start and end times by using the toggle below the calendars

Time Zone

  • Choose the time zone in which the challenge is set

Event Banner

  • A banner that represents the event (File must be png, jpeg or jpg)
  • Can be made visible on all of your platform pages

Event Card 

  • A smaller version of your event logo/banner (File must be png, jpeg or jpg)
  • Visible on the dashboard (challenges.hackworks.com) if your event is public

Remember to click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom or top of the page if you have made changes.