Setting up a page

When setting up a page, you will need to include a few basic components to get started:

Page Name: this is the name that will appear on the sidebar that refers to this particular page.


URL Identifier: the URL slug that will refer to this page. 


Order/Priority: where this page will line up relative to your other pages (the higher the number, the higher the page will be on your sidebar). 


Page Visibility:

  • If set to "Private", the page will only be accessible to participants who have fully registered for your challenge. 
  • If set to "Public", anyone who has access to your challenge home page can access this page as well. 


Page Icon: the image that will appear beside your page name in the sidebar. You may select from the available icons or upload your own.


Use Banner Image: if turned on, the banner image you uploaded in "Event Details" will also appear at the top of this page.