How to save a page

Save vs Publish vs Preview

When creating a page, you will have the option to “Save” or “Publish” it using the buttons at the top-right corner of the page.

Tip: Before publishing your page for the first time, be sure to save it. 


After saving the page, you will see additional options appear in the top-right corner:

Preview: see what your page will look like before publishing it for all to see.

Publish: make your page ‘live’ and visible to participants.

Unpublish: reverse the publishing process - the content will still be saved, but not visible to participants. 

Save vs Publish vs Preview

On the 'Page/Content Setup" page, you can also see which pages are published and which ones are not in the table under "Event Pages". Pages that aren’t published will have ‘Pending’ as their status.