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How to best use the Participant List

There's a lot of useful information that can be drawn from the Participant List - but how can you best use this?

The list that can be downloaded from the "Participant List" page includes registrants’ responses to the registration survey. The Participant List includes valuable data that gives you an overview of the participants that have registered for your event.

  • The most useful piece of information might be their email addresses as this can later be used to send targeted communications to those participating in the event.
  • If you have various Ticket Types, the Participant List can also break down who registered under what Ticket Type. 
  • If there is a large waitlist for this event and you have a participant limit, the Participant List can be used to decide whom to promote as a registered participant and whom to decline. 
  • Once teams are created, you can use this file to see which participants are part of which teams. This information can be useful throughout the various stages of the event. 
  • The Participant List also gives you insight into potential participants who have been invited by a friend or team member but have not officially registered on the platform. To officially register, they will need to use the link in their email invitation to create an account on the platform and complete the registration survey. 


Finally, by asking the right questions in the registration survey you can use this file to gather insights on the following:

  • Where they’re coming from (location, employer, industry, etc.)
  • Experience (current role, student vs professional, years of experience, etc.)
  • Event referral (i.e. how they heard of the event)
  • Educational background and relevant certifications
  • Time Zone (this is especially useful when planning virtual events)